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5 Week HYBRID Training Plan

With our 5-week HYBRID training plan, you will dive deep into your special Yoga experience. The first 3 weeks you will have the chance to work ONLINE from home and attend the Traing beside your normal life with job, family and your daily routines. You will have 2 hrs Online training time in the evening where we learn about the postures, have classroom time and your daily yoga practice. After the three weeks online, we start the deep dive phase: we will meet for 2 weeks INTENSE ONSITE TRAINING in Vienna in person. You will incorporate everything you've learned from your mentors into concrete action steps and will be ready to teach after finishing the Hot Yoga Training 26+2.


Get an exclusive overview of your training plan below:

5weekPlan (1).jpg

Week 01

Sept 23rd -29th

The Hot Yoga Teacher Trainging starts on the 23rd of September. In week 1 we kick start the training with our online Posture Clinic. 2 hrs in the evening is lecture time. Additionally, you take one Yoga Class per day in the Hot room.

Week 02

Sept 30th - Oct 06th

Time to grow into the training! The next week we keep the schedule and the posture clinic plus incorporate some Classroom time. You will learn about Badhas, Chakras and the Yoga Sutras. The Yoga Practice schedule stays the same.


Week 03

Oct 07th - 13th

Week 3 is the last online week. We finish up the last postures in Posture Clinic and get ready for the deep dive in the next 2 onsite weeks. You will be ready to meet us in Vienna for the deep dive in the last 2 weeks of the training.

Week 04

Oct 14th - 20th

In Week 4 the format of the training changes and we will meet in person in Vienna from MON - SAT to incorporate everything you've learned in theory into concrete actions. You start to take 2 classes per day and get classroom time about the yoga lineage and more! Plus: the  anatomy starts!


Week 05

Oct 21st - 26th 

The last week is all about wrapping things up. You start to teach TRIAL CLASSES and have time to ask questions if needed. On the very last day of the training, you will get your OHYA certificate and will be ready to teach your first yoga class on the podium!

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