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Get ready for the experience 

Our 200 hrs OHYA certified Hot Yoga 26+2 Training is a deep dive into the Hatha Yoga Lineage taught by Bishnu Ghosh and Bikram Choudhury. The 5-week program gives you the tools necessary to become a successful Hot Yoga 26 + 2 teacher worldwide. 


Three Senior Teachers with more than 40+ yrs of experience will mentor and guide you through the whole process. You’ll learn to teach the unique Hot Yoga sequence dialogue in both English and German, learn Yoga anatomy with a focus on the 26 +2.  You’ll learn common injuries and modifications; learn Yoga Philosophy and the energetic part of the Yoga series( Yoga Bandha/Charka )., We’ll train you in studio business and professionalism, teaching skills, and show you the best learning techniques for the dialogue.


After you finish the 5-week program, you’ll have all the tools and knowledge to teach right away with the worldwide accredited OHYA Certificate in your pocket! 


Our approach

In our Hot Yoga Training 26+2 program, we practice, learn, sweat, and grow together. To ​get the most out of this experience, we created a 5-week training program in which we share our passion for the Hot Yoga lineage, yoga wellness, and yoga anatomy.


We designed 2 short weeks (Wednesday - Sunday) and 3 long weeks (Monday - Saturday). The training begins October 11th and finishes November 11th, 2023. 


Our 5 weeks program

  • Posture Lab: get knowledge on the series, how to practice, teach, and correct alignment

  • Anatomy: get an in-depth understanding of the human body and learn how the muscular/skeletal system is affected in the postures. 

  • Yoga Philosophy: understand the Yoga background and the lineage from the 26+2 

  • Energetic Background: learn about the Chakras and Bandhas in the human body 

  • Business Skills: gain insight on how to become a successful yoga teacher in and outside the hot room. 

  • Personal development: get a deep understanding of your intentions and your teaching skills, learn how to use the correct words to engage your clients and keep them coming back to your class.   

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